Our Client is Our Priority

Yes, we make sure our clients are treated with utmost importance and respect.
Our service principle is simple and logical. We want the best for our clients, And keeping this in mind, we strive to ensure our clients are content, advantageous and successful in communicating their products and message.

Media Strategy

Our media strategy is modern, practical and empirical. A successful Media Strategy helps a business reach its target audience and helps improve the overall customer conversion rate.

Data Science

Our team takes the time to study, research and get to know our clients better. We also do a market research to understand what we are marketing. Statistics, objectives, identifying a problem and rectifying, and formulating a conclusion is what we do best. We use the latest methods in data mining, research and systems ensuring reliability yet affordability.

Digital Technology Development

Keeping up with the latest trends, technology and media, our Team is up to date on everything digital! Our expertise is in producing engaging digital campaigns by merging digital media and technology together.

Brand Engagement

We know how important it is to effectively communicate your messege about your brand and tug at the mind of the consumer. This plays a big impact on the consumer, as more than just building a bridge between consumer and seller, we build a sense of loyalty and trust towards your brand.

Campaigns we have worked on

Sunlight Manudam Viyamana Campaign

Sunlight Sri Lankeeya Manudam Viyamana, an initiative that took signatures from Sri Lankans hailing from all walks of life was a campaign that aimed to promote unity and solidarity amongst all!

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Surf excel #StainsAtHome Campaign

During the lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic everyone was asked to stay indoors. #StainsAtHome campaign was an initiative to help parents in keeping kids occupied indoors.

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Surf excel #RightToPlay campaign

Surf excel Sri Lanka believes that every child has the right to play outdoors and get themselves dirty. #RightToPlay was a campaign that was planned by Ideamind to promote the values that surf excel believes in.

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IFC #SheWorks Campaign

An initiative by the International Finance Corporation to encourage companies in Sri Lanka to invest more into employing women into their companies.

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Fair and Lovely Social Media Management

Fair and Lovely had a brand revamp and changed it's brand name from Fair and Lovely to Glow and Lovely. Ideamind handled the entire campaign, starting out from the brand re launch and the digital advertising.

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