Ideamind selected as the e-com partner for Unilever Sri Lanka.

— Posted by Ruwani Fonseka

Unilever is the leading international corporate in FMCG. With the need to expand its e-commerce presence in Sri Lanka, Unilever was on the lookout for a reliable digital agency to partner up with.This is where Ideamind came aboard with their expertise, collaborating with mindshare as well.

Ideamind has worked with Unilever for over 3 years (since 2017 ) and has proven it’s capabilities in terms of e-commerce, through the use of modern day practices. To date, Ideamind has been trusted by Unilever with all their subsidiary brands.

As a result, Ideamind took over Unilver Sri Lanka’s entire e-com platforms as of December 2019.

Since then, Ideamind has been proving themselves repeatedly using their expertise, managing the main pillars of e-commerce, namely Ustore- the online retail platform for Unilever, Daraz and Glomark which are 3rd party flagship stores where Unilever’s e-commerce presence is mostly seen.

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